Our Planet consists of seven continents and people living on these regions are going Green with the pretext to conserve the natural resources of our planet.

People all over the planet are tackling issues like water shortages, to species extinction, to alternate energy sources. Too much water (from melting glaciers and ice packs) may flood the coasts and too little water in drought-stricken Australia and Africa is causing changes in weather and habitat. Up to 20 percent of our greenhouse gas problem is being attributed to loss of forests and trees, often called “the lungs of the planet” by environmentalists. Trees take in the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, and give off oxygen. But in countries with vast forest acreage, like Brazil, the forests are disappearing as people harvest the timber, plant crops and look for pastureland for animals.

As habitats are being destroyed, thousands of species are becoming extinct, from polar bears to vast numbers of fish species. As more and more people come onto the energy grid in emerging nations, and first world countries continue to gulp power at an alarming rate, power plants are a major source of dangerous greenhouse gases. These pressures all threaten the Earth and affect thousands of animal species, including our own.


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