21 Strategic Partners Focused On Saving Earth

Action Advocacy

Action Advocacy To make positive changes in the environment, activists must promote an action network wherein individuals will be encouraged to participate in specific Earth saving projects.

American Seniors Demanding Change

American Seniors Demanding Change Once known for their thrift,  older Americans are piling on debt—filing for bankruptcy in record numbers and jeopardizing retirement dreams.  Let’s not ignore the generation that enabled you to be who you are and do what you do.

Companies For Ecological Change

Companies For Ecological Change Enabling companies both big and small to participate in creating significant environmental change.  People want to work for companies that are actively working to save our environment.

Earth Concerts

Earth Concerts Promoting activism by raising public awareness of environmental issues in a new style.  Attend a great concert and take a step toward saving Earth.

Earth Defense Network

Earth Defense Network Defending and safeguarding the environment from destruction is the responsibility of every person.  We must unite and demand that changes be made globally and hold environmental violators responsible.

Earth Media Network

Earth Media Network An advanced green media and advertising enterprise.  Our primary objective is to providing a one-stop-shop for all environmental media needs.

Environmental Business Network

Environmental Business Network A green products network that empowers individuals to generate an ever increasing income stream from an eco-friendly product line.

Eco Job Corps

Eco Job Corps Connecting green employers with talented Eco-Job seekers.

Global Environmental News

Global Environmental News Covering relevant issues that affect our air, water and land resources.  All individuals and businesses will read about issues and discover eco-solutions.

Go Club Eco

Go Club Eco Providing the tools to establish and manage environmental clubs.  By design each club will systematically complete eco-projects to support environmental change.

Lungs of Earth

Lungs Of Earth We the people are the real stewards of Earth and as such it is our responsibility to protect the Lungs Of Earth: our trees.  We can make a difference.  Join our tree planting initiative!

The Environmental Community Magazine

The Environmental Community Magazine Covering key issues that affect our environmental habitat or the well being of inhabitants of Mother Earth.

The Environmental Community

The Environmental Community Uniting all like minded groups dedicated to saving Earth.  We will address the causes and provide solutions toward saving Earth.

The Enviornmental Education Center

The Environmental Education Center The Center will provide eco-education for students and businesses creating environmental and social change.

My Natural Pool

My Natural Pool Providing an eco-friendly alternative to chlorine that creates a water environment that is best described as like swimming in a high mountain lake.

Natural on Tap

Natural On Tap Providing the purest, most technologically advanced water filtration system available so you and your family can enjoy water the way nature intended it to be.

Rainforest Defense Network

Rainforest Defense Network Our great rainforests are the lungs of Earth.  Rainforest Defense Network will work with all nations and groups to create a united effort aimed at saving our rainforests.

Students for Ecology

Students for Ecological Change Providing green paths whereby students can create eco clubs that are designed to create positive eco-change and support the environmental movement.

Environmental Vacation Club

Environmental Vacation Club To experience and protect this Earth, we can travel the world AND become a greater part of the global environmental solution.

Go Natural Products

Go Natural Products Consisting of stores that stock and distribute a wide array of household and every day products that are environmentally friendly and toxin-free.

Support Family Farms

Support Family Farms All about creating long-term relationships between consumers seeking a healthy food supply and family owned farms who will take pride in responsible farming

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